Ever wonder how those holds and rad volumes get on the wall?  Take a moment to read about the  little setting elves that make the magic happen.  We’ve got some of the best setters this side of the Mississippi throwing up crowd pleasing blocs for spectators and high quality comp style problems for the lucky five male and female finalists.  Big thanks to our Supporting Sponsor, Dimension Volumes, for giving our setters some sweet volumes to play with.  Stay tuned as we continue to add more setter profiles.  

Be sure to come out to GoodLife Brewing on June 24th.  Drink some beers, cheer on the climbers and enjoy the show.  

Open/Pro Setting Team

Joey Jannsen – USA Climbing Level 4 Setter – Bend Rock Gym

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Joey has been setting for youth and adult competitions for over a decade. He has also been the head setter at the Bend Rock Gym for the last three years, where he leads the setting crew through the weekly commercial setting as well as the annual Boulder Bash season. In addition to the weekly grind, Joey travels to set at USA Climbing competitions including Bouldering and Sport Youth Nationals and multiple Divisional and Regional Championships, two Setter Showdowns and numerous local competitions as a guest setter.. He likes beer and enjoys spending time with his cat, Gordon.

Enrico Baistrocchi – IFSC Setter – Mesa Rim Climbing and Fitness

Enrico hails from San Diego, CA by way of Italy.  He’s an IFSC setter and a former world cup competitor. As a route setter his goals is to set problems that permit climbers to express themselves in terms of climbing skills and mental strengths at any level: from beginners to Pro Athletes.  Enrico currently sets and coaches at Mesa Rim Climbing and Fitness.

Alex Borst – USA Climbing Level 4 Setter – Planet Granite PDX

Alex has been climbing for 12 years competitively and started route setting on his home wall he built in his garage at the age of 14. Alex has chosen the path of a route setter since being out of college and has worked his way through many competitions as both competitor and organizer/setter. Whether it be on the local or national level, he lives for competition climbing.

Alex, a born and raised Portland local, has worked in most gyms in the Portland Area. Currently working as the Assistant Head Setter at Planet Granite Portland, he will be leaving shortly to the Seattle area to be in charge of the entire setting program at Vertical World.