Friday June 24, 2016


(plural groms)
(surfing, extreme sports,slang) A young person who participates in extreme sports and rips.

I was working my proj at the gym when this little grom came by and hiked it in his tennies.

Origin: Shortened from grommet

It’s time to let the groms shine.  That’s why we are giving them their very own Grom Squad Finals on Friday evening as part of Summer Comp.  We will be taking the top five males and females from the youth category (born in the year 2000 or later) and giving them the opportunity to show the crowd what they got.  Come and cheer on your friends and watch some of the rising stars of the competitive bouldering scene in the Pacific Northwest

We will use the following hybrid point scoring system for the Grom Squad Finals.

  • TOPS = 25 points Flash a problem and you get 25 points
  • Zones = 5 points for each zone Each climb has three zones. Control the first zone and receive 5 points; second zone and receive 10 points; the third, 15 points
  • Falls = subtract .10 points Every fall to the highest scored point (top or zone) results in a deduction of .10 points